The Undercover Man Experience

The UNDERCOVER MAN Experience is finally here. For now, we are serving this experience at Ticia Lea’s Health in Beauty Spa here in sunny Los Angeles, but we hope to one day be available near all of you! 

Get ready for an overdose of love to your beard, your skin, and most importantly…. you. We have curated The UNDERCOVER MAN Experience with a custom facial, crystal energy healing & cleansing and a whole lot of love for your beard. 

As apart of this experience, our creator would love to connect with you directly to set an intention for the experience and chat beards with you. It's amazing what two beards can create together so be sure to include your phone details when supporting this experience. 

Are these products clean?
Absolutely. We created these beard products with one thing in mind... NATURE. We wanted to keep these products as natural as the beard you grow all on your own... well, maybe with a little help from us.

Which product would you recommend?
This is too tough of a decision for us, as we love & recommend both. A good rule of thumb is that if you have a longer beard, we would say for sure our balm. But both products can be used on any length of beard

Can you layer these products?
YES, YES & more YES! We love layering beard products and actually designed theses two products to be layered from their service to your beard down to their scent, they are a great duo. 

Do I need to use beard products?
YES. This is a must have in any bearded household. Keeping and maintaining a healthy beard leads to a happy beard which leads to a a happy you.

How do I use these products?
We got you covered. We have directions included on our site here, we send you instructions with each order AND we also created videos on how to use these products that you can find on the product page as well as our social media. 

My beard is patchy, will these products help?
The short answer is YES, we designed these natural beard products with natural ingredients that have been proven to help beard health and growth. The long answer is.... LET IT GROW!

If I have an almond allergy can I use the balm?
We use sweet almond oil in our beard balm, so this would work for you if you have an almond allergy... but we got you covered with our beard oil, it is almond FREE! 

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