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Life is but a DAYDREAM...

& this candle will help take you there! Imagine yourself at the beach... body grounded in the sand, listening to the power of the ocean, feeling the sun dancing across your skin, smelling the salt in the air as you watch the clouds drift by & DAYDREAM your biggest fantasies into reality. 

Our DAYDREAM candle is charged with a Labradorite & infused with Angel Aura crystals to help you rediscover your imagination & ignite your inner magic. With dreamy notes of Sandalwood, Bergamot & Lilly, this fragrance captures the essence of a Summery Beach day! 

Give Me the candle Deets... 

  • Sandalwood, Bergamot & Lilly... think of a cute beach moment 
  • Labradorite & Angel Aura Crystals to open up your imagination
  • Infused w/ Reiki Energy for healing
  • Organic Soy Wax
  • Non-toxic cotton wicks 
  • Hand poured w| love in LA 
  • 12 oz

Hey DayDreamer 

When you light this candle, hold a space for you to be free & light & airy. A space that feels fresh & feels good. The perfect place for you to call in your dreams. Take your mind on a ride, igniting your imagination & daydreaming your thoughts to reality

As you burn the candle, you can remove the large labradorite crystal or you can leave this in for the candle burn. If it interferes with the flames, just move it back to the center or remove so your candle can burn correctly.

As always… We are completely free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates & harsh preservatives, we’re vegan & cruelty FREE!

Are these products clean?
Yes, Absolutely. We created all of our products with one thing in mind... NATURE. 

Which product would you recommend?
This is too tough of a decision for us, as we love ALL of them. Tune into how you feel & what you are looking for and see what products align with you. Sometimes you need self love & sometimes you need to hit the reset button... but all will be healing. 

If I have an almond allergy can I use the balm?
We use sweet almond oil in our superfood balm, so this wouldn't work for you if you have an almond allergy... but we got you covered with our pomegranate oil, it is almond FREE! 

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