What's SELF-LOVE Got To Do w/ It?


But what is self-love exactly? Self-love is having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physiological, physical & spiritual growth. Self-love is taking care of your own needs, not settling for anything less than what you deserve & not sacrificing your own well-being to please others.


So what does self-love look like?

  • Talking to yourself with love… you know like how you would talk to a puppy… nothing but love, love, love
  • Making YOU a priority
  • Setting healthy boundaries for you & you with other people
  • Catching yourself when you are being too critical & just laughing it off… this really helps to diffuse the negative energy that was created around you
  • Giving yourself grace when you are being hard on yourself


So what are some self-love practices I can work into my life?

  • Mindful practices : Really tuning into how you feel & becoming aware of what makes you feel good & doesn’t make you feel so good. Defining is key so that you can shift your focus more & more to those things that make you feel great
  • Practice good self-care : Taking care of your needs is so important. Make time to do things you love, exercise your body, intimacy is always a great thing, get enough sleep & engage in healthy social-interactions.
  • Mirror talks : This is a fave… it may feel a little strange at first but just lean into it. Staring at yourself in the mirror, really looking into your soul thru your eyes… say beautiful things about yourself. You can also just keep it simple and say “I love you” repeatedly until you FEEL IT! Remember that our emotions amplify our words
  • Self-love meditations : You can find self-love meditations on YouTube & meditate from the comfort of your home or you can join a meditation studio and tune into their self-love meditations
  • Appreciation Journaling : This is SO effective bc there is something so powerful about writing a statement down. All you need to do is make a list of things that you want to honor about yourself. Don’t over complicate this… you can start off with 5 things and then add a few more each day, whenever you are called to do so

Self-love is really one of those things that if you know, you know… & until you know you don’t fully get how transformative it is but this is your sign to start. You have nothing to loose & absolutely everything to gain so be gentle, start slow & have compassion for yourself on this journey to finding & loving yourself.

Crystal Highlight :

ROSE QUARTZ… the ultimate Self-Love crystal. If you don’t already have one, you need a rose quartz crystal in your life. This stone should be a staple in your self-love practice. This crystal will help to amplify feelings of appreciation for yourself & will aid in calling in a loving & nurturing energy into your life experience. You can also work with our LOVE Candle which is a lovely Rose Oud fragrance & is dripping in Rose Quartz & Strawberry Quartz Crystals. When you light this magical candle you can use the following Self-Love Mantra :

            “I light this candle to honor myself &  to fill this space with love. I love myself deeply & unconditionally. I accept myself as I am. Full of love & kindness, I nurture my well-being. I am love. I am loved. I am the lover.” Now hug yourself, you deserve it!

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