Need to RESET? Here's 5 Ways How!

Not feeling it?

I get it, ohhh do I get it… sometimes you just feel burnt out & overwhelmed with life & all the responsibility that comes with it. It can be a lot but you can’t let it all weigh you down. You have the ability to shift & change energetically at any moment in time.  Wow, that is powerful... so read that last sentence one more time.

We often think that we have to make big moves in order to get to a better feeling place but actually the smallest adjustments to your perception of life can be life changing. Whether you are bogged down with work, not so happy in your relationship or if you’re just feeling blah there are so many ways to just shift how you feel about the circumstances.

What are some ways to hit RESET?

Oh I am so glad that you asked…

  1. Most importantly, let’s start with giving yourself the permission to hit reset. We can do a million amazing things to help us feel better but if we are not allowing ourselves to actually reset & let go… were just spinning in circles… not the best look. So let yourself take a minute, okay!
  2. Go for a quick walk. FIVE MINUTES, you can spare 5 minutes! Moving your body is such a great way to move emotions around & often times let them go. You can go for a walk outside, walk to the bathroom or break room at work or just walk around in your house… movement is movement & movement is healing!
  3. Go outside. This may actually be the most important so don’t hold me to what I previously said. There is something so magical about nature & it’s perfect vibration. It can raise your vibration instantly. Find somewhere nice to sit & quiet your mind or focus your attention to all the beauty of the natural world.
  4. Another important one… okay they’re all important, yes! If you don’t have 15 minutes to lay down & meditate that is okay! Take a 5 minute break in your day & just sit to quiet your mind. You can put on some relaxing music or YouTube a 5 minute meditation but you just need to create the space to & allow your mind to rest for a bit so you can find clarity.
  5. Soak in a bath. Forget the important ones… this is my fave! A bath is the perfect moment to reset. You are immersing yourself in the powerful element water, which is so healing & cleansing. Add some essential oils to relax, some bubbles for fun, light a candle & throw in some healing salts… my fave just so happens to be our RESET Bath Soak by UNDERCOVER! (BRB ... adding this to cart right now) Oh & put your phone away so you can actually unplug.

I hope this has given you some inspo oh how to hit the reset button and get unstuck in life. Remember just HIT IT! That button is YOURS… so hit it. Don’t wait for someone to come & save you, hit reset & take an intentional space for you to quiet your mind & come back to life refreshed.


BLACK TOURMALINE... This beautiful black crystal not only looks incredible but it also is said to soak up negative vibes and toxicity. This crystal is associated with the root chakra, meaning it can ground you when life feels a little too overwhelming. Work with this crystal when you are meditating or just keep this in your pocket. When you are taking a moment to reset, just focus on the power this crystal has to absorb all the bad vibes & leave you fresh as a daisy!\