What's the LIGHT in Love & Light?

Could this be an actual light in the literal sense or is it more? 

Honestly... it's much much more! Spiritually, Light can be used in many ways & we love a no rule moment where things can be more flexible and flow. Light can represent a bold & beautiful energy that is cleansing & healing. It can also be a reference to bringing the darkness to the light or bringing that which needs healing to the light so that it can rebirth into positive energy. We also love thinking of YOUR individual light as you move throughout your day & how you light up the world with your magical energy… that is when you are able to align with your best self.

When WE speak about “Light” we are connecting to a lighter space… as in you or your life feeling lighter. A lighter life is GOALS, for sure… but how do you get to feel lighter in life when so many things can be so heavy in your day? Well this isn’t a quick-take one pill & your cured kinda thing and you can’t really control anything outside of you… but exploring what makes you feel lighter can be so much fun!

Let’s explore 5 things that can help to lighten your life!

  1. Meditation : 15 minutes a day fam. That’s all it takes to make the BIGGEST shift in your life. Trust, it is worth the investment of getting uncomfortable & wrestling your mind down until it is quiet. The key to meditation is to quiet your mind and in quieting your mind you let go of so many things that don’t serve you, lightening your load.
  2. Sunshine : This may be literal but… go out into the sun! Get out in nature & soak up 10 minutes of life. Not only will you get your dose of Vitamin-D but you will also get a nice cleanse from the sun light. Imagine that the sun shining on your skin is healing & cleansing you. Soak up the energy that this bright light brings to you & release whatever is weighing you down. Don’t forget your SPF!
  3. Dance : You know that saying, “dance like nobody’s watching”… we mean this literally too. Dance like no one is watching you & let your body sing! Moving our bodies is an amazing way to help us feel lighter in life. Throw on some fun jams & let your body just groove to the music… the only way to get this wrong is by not.
  4. Affirmations : I am affirmations are a very powerful tool to add to your spiritual toolbox. We would suggest adopting some I am affirmations that are related to freedom & repeating this to yourself in the morning before you start your day & at night before you slumber. You can just say to yourself… “I am light, I am lighter, I am the light, I am free, I am as happy as I can be” Wow… did we really just come up with that on the fly?! 
  5. Fun : We saved the best for last. Just have some good old fashioned FUN! Call up your funniest friend, you know the one that makes you belly laugh every time you are together. Fun & laughter is the best medicine for ALL, especially if you are wanting to feel lighter. You don’t be reliant on others for your happiness but co-creating a lighter space with someone you love is an easy way for you to get closer to feeling lighter and then take that feeling with you throughout your week.

We created our “LIGHT” Candle & Crystal infused Roller Fragrance to help be a reminder to lighten your life up a bit. When you light the candle, set an intention to live your life lighter & to let go. If you’re using the Light Roller Fragrance, when you roll on the fragrance or when you smell it throughout your day, say to yourself “I am light, I am lighter, I am the light”. It truly is the many small things in your day that add up to a healed version of you!


Selenite is a beautiful white light crystal aiding in the removal of any unwanted or negative energies. This is a great protection stone blocking off negative thoughts and energies helping you maintain a lighter space in life.