Do You Spiritual Cleanse Tho?


Okay so you know that feeling after being around someone who has toxic traits… just heavy & low vibrational OR that feeling when your stomach drops from a rush of anxiety OR even just feeling overwhelmed & drained… YOU BETTER CLEANSE YO’SELF. Okay, jokes aside, it's time to do some spiritual cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing is an act or ritual where you rid yourself and/or your space of unwanted negative energies. 

BUT Why tho?

You can pick up negative energy from others that sticks to you & it’s not even yours. Or you could be carrying around your own old baggage that just doesn’t serve who you are today & because our mind, body, spirit are all connected, it’s important that you cleanse to keep everything open and in flow.

Think of this… Just as you would clean your house every week to keep it tidy and just as you would take a shower to cleanse your physical body after a long workout, you also need to cleanse your energy field so that you can make sure you working with your best self.

When should I do a spiritual cleanse?

Here are some situations that you would want to cleanse after… and there are so many more.

  • Moving to a new home, you don’t want to take your old sh*t with you!
  • When you’re feeling tired and your energy is super low
  • After being sick or an injury… cleansing during & after is key
  • After a toxic environment… anything from a dinner to your work space or your relationship. If it feels toxic, cleanse!

OKAY, I’m ready to cleanse my entire life… tell me HOW!

Here are a few ways that you can do a spiritual cleanse :

  1. Take a shower or draw yourself a bath. When you are in the water imagine that the water is washing away anything that doesn’t bring you joy. The element water purifies life. If you are going to soak in a bath, you can add some essential oils or a bath soak with salts to help cleanse & purify. We recommend our “RESET” Bath Soak.
  2. Sunshine Cleanse : Go out in nature & expose yourself to its perfect vibrations. The sun on your skin is just zapping negative energies away from you & the Universe provides infinite amount of space for you to expand into.
  3. Smudging : We love a smudging moment. You can use sage or palo santo, whichever you prefer… just light, let burn for a moment to create smoke, and use the smoke to cleanse yourself & your space. Imagine that everything the smoke touches is freed from negative energy, just instantly absorbed. Remember to cleanse yourself first before you cleanse your space.
  4. Use an aura cleansing spray to shift your energy. These are AMAZING, such an easy mood changer that seriously brightens up & lightens your day. Fragrance just has that ability to make you feel good. We recommend our “Let It F’N Go” Aura Spray with Lavender, Eucalyptus & Grapefruit.

A spiritual cleanse ritual can elevate your mood, energize you & bring you mental clarity. Just play around with what works best for you & be consistent with it.


BLACK OBSIDIAN : This gorgeous crystal is great for absorbing negative energies like a sponge. The obsidian has great grounding & stabilizing properties which breaks up that scattered energy.