What's In Your Healing Toolbox?

This is your reminder to reach in & take whatever you may need!

Just like any craftsman that has a toolbox they use to build or repair… so do you! I love the idea of a tool box and using this reference when talking about the tools that you use to help you to heal and grow. Visualizing that you have a physical tool box of tools that help you to heal can make you to feel the realness of these tools and how helpful they are.

I like to think of my toolbox as a never ending, always expanding kit of things that I reach for when I am in need. Now, being in need can look so different from moment to moment. Sometimes you are in a great mood and have extra free time so you reach into your tool box for more things that bring you joy, yanno… keep the joy on flow! Other times you are reaching in the tool box because you are in distress and need a friend… this could be a physical friend or you can refer to these tools as friends!

Here are 5 tools in my toolbox that always help... 

  1. Going for a walk in nature : This is the easiest way to just reset anything. Nature provides enough space for infinite expansion, so go outside & GROW!
  2. Breathwork / Conscious Breathing : Breathwork can be work…powerful, but work. If this is too much for you to start just focus your attention to your breathing so that you can calm yourself & reset. Nice slow cleansing breaths in & slow releasing exhales out. This is the easiest to do absolutely anywhere!
  3. Giving yourself permission to rest : It’s one thing to be going thru something & you sit in guilt for not being all of who you are but it’s a whole other ballgame to honor yourself & say I give myself full permission to be restful & do whatever I am called to do or nothing at all
  4. Watch a happy or funny movie : LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE! Throw on a movie that you know will make you bust a gut & lean into the laugh. Soak up the laughter like sunshine
  5. Spend time with a HEALTHY friend : Okay no shade here… but we all have a variety of people in our lives. When you are going thru something… don’t call your friend that likes to escape life in unhealthy ways. Instead, call a friend that you know will be uplifting, supportive & will help set you back on track!


Your toolbox is already there, you don’t have to build it. You just have to define what the tools are so that your mind remembers that they are there when you may need them. Also remember that healing looks like a lot of small steps that add up to major emotional growth… there is no “hey, take this pill & you’ll be healed”… it just doesn’t work that way! Start paying attention to the things that help you find relief & reach for them, no one can do this work for you so lets go fam!